LED - License

Copyright 1985-1999 Stephan Slabihoud. All rights reserved.
The sources of LED are available for all under following conditions:

1. You can make modifications in any form but the info must ALWAYS 
   contain the sentens that all versions of LED until 1.61 have been
   written by me and all versions until 1.21 have been written by
   Volkmar Wieners.
2. Changes must be reported to LED-HQ. Make sure to enclose the changed
3. It is NOT allowed to copy LED for commercial purpose. It is also NOT
   allowed to change LED in a shareware or keyware product.
   All new versions (incl. source) based on this source must be 
   available to all.
4. I am allowed to change the status of LED.

5. LED-HQ controlls all changes and new features of LED. New beta-
   and full-versions must be send to LED-HQ in following way:
      i) one archive must contain the complete sourcecodes (like LEDSRC.ZIP).
     ii) one archive must contain the complete binaries (like LED_160.LZH).
    iii) a textfile that lists all changes and news.

LED-HQ: Stephan Slabihoud (December 1998)

Support: http://www.slabihoud.de/led/