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Me and some homecomputers of the All of my software is freeware and the does not contain ads or other annoying banners. Nobody is required or should feel obligated to pay for this service. I am pleased that you like my software and the!

Up to now you can download following software:

  • RegExFilter (SpamPal plugin)
  • Notify (SpamPal plugin)
  • Quarantine (SpamPal plugin)
  • Logfile (SpamPal plugin)
  • Logfile (SpamPal plugin)
  • Auto folder (Explorer plugin)

...and I am responsible for following homepages:

However, some people do want to make a gesture of thanks for saving their mailboxes from an onslaught of spam and like the articles on the Therefore, I am accepting donations through PayPal, or you can buy me something from my Amazon wish-list.

Amazon wishlist

To send me money, just click on the button below:


How much to send is entirely up to you - all I ask is that you don't send less than $5 U.S. or 5 EUR, as small amounts can easily be eaten up by PayPal's handling fees.

Donations will first and foremost be used to offset the hosting fees of and (home of my software development page).

Finally, a few rules:

  • You are not buying a copy of my software. You are making a donation towards the costs of an ongoing software project. No buyer-seller relationship should be implied. The license agreement applies to your use of my software regardless of any donations.
  • Donating money or buying gifts will not encourage me to work harder on features you asked for. I will not make changes to my software just because you have sent me money.
  • You do not buy the right to copy information from the The copyright notice applies to you regardless of any donations.

Thank you very much

Stephan Slabihoud


Copyright Stephan Slabihoud