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Common Criteria

The Common Criteria is an international standard (ISO 15408) for computer security. Its purpose is to allow users to specify their security requirements, to allow developers to specify the security attributes of their products, and to allow evaluators to determine if products actually meet their claims.

This page consists of a collection of projects that I have performed as part of my duties as a IT security consultant in the last few years.

For more information please visit the homepage of TUViT GmbH, the company I am working for. Of course only public available information can be found here for obvious reasons.

This is some of my work that I accomplished as a consultant for Microsoft Corp. (USA and Israel) or as an evaluator for TUViT GmbH in 2002-2010 during several Common Criteria Evaluations (you will find a complete list of evaluated products on BSI's website) and several products also on TUVIT's certification website:


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