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Auto folder

Auto folder is not a SpamPal plugin.

Auto folder is a shell extension for the Windows Explorer, which allows to sort your holiday photos in folders with one click.

File Remarks
Auto folder 0.2 Binary

- adjusting folder name
Auto folder 0.1 Binary

- first version

Right click on a JPG and choose "Auto folder"

Auto folder strips off the digits in the filename, uses the resulting name for the folder name and moves all corresponding files.

With v0.2 you can adjust the folder name.

To install Auto folder right click on Autofolder.inf and choose "Install".

Autofolder.inf modifies the registry entry
that normally contains the shell extensions for JPG and JPEG files.

Some programs like Mozilla replace the key "jpegfile" and use e.g. "MozillaJPEG" instead.
Auto folder does not recognize this modification and forces Windows to use "jpegfile" again, which changes the handler used for JPGs. When you do not want to use the standard handler, you can modify the file Autofolder.inf as desired.
When you install Mozilla after Auto folder, Mozilla changes the handler back for its own use. To make Auto folder work again, open "Edit->Preferences->Advanced->System" and uncheck "JPG images".

The source will be released with version 1.0.


Click to zoom pictures.

Copyright Stephan Slabihoud