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(c) Stephan Slabihoud 2002-2004



RegExFilter is a Regular Expression filter plugin for SpamPal that allows to check
message headers and bodies with complex filters for 'spam like' qualities.
You can also define your own regular expression rules to filter or whitelist your email.
You can find the license here.

Rule files

File Remarks
Filterrules 3.0.0

- some bugfixes and improvements
official release / REF 3.0.0
Filterrules 2.9.2

- some bugfixes and improvements
official release / REF 2.9.2
Add. Filterrules 2.9.0a
Spammer & Spam-Supporter

- for use with filters.dat file
Add. Filterrules 2.9.0
Virus signature rules (experimental)

- for use with filters.dat file


RegExFilter Manual

File Remarks
RegExFilter 2.9 Anleitung

deutsche Anleitung (pdf)
RegExFilter 2.9 Manual

english manual (pdf)
PCRE Pattern

Version 4.2
Description of PCRE Pattern by Philip Hazel
PCRE Compatibility

Version 4.2
Description of PCRE compatibility to Perl 5.8
by Philip Hazel


RegExFilter plugin

The archive contains the plugin and all rules files.
The developer version is published without any rule file.

File Remarks
RegExFilter 3.1

not available
RegExFilter 3.1
beta 1
Developer Binary

- some error messages are in clear text now
- recognizes "multipart/related" now
- updated to PCRE 6.6
RegExFilter 3.0

- updated to PCRE 5.0
Note: This is an important security update due to a bug in PCRE!
RegExFilter 2.9

- timezone in logfile corrected
- additional commands (negation of the existing ones)
- option "!" forces REF to check textblocks only
- command TEXTONLY forces all Line:-rules to check text only
- command USEBLOCK n[,n,n,n...] enables conditional blocks
- [<cond.block>>] <header:> [<score>] <rule> [<comment>]
- setlocale fix from last version removed
- updated to PCRE 5.0
- vitual memory bugfix (bug appears when PRECOMPILE is
   not used)
- compiled with a new version of LCC (again)


3rd Party Extensions

File Remarks
RegExLog2MDB Binary

Regexlog2MDB analyses the logfile of
the RegexFilter plugin for SpamPal. As result, it
creates an access database, where the rule
descriptions are listed, their match count and
the last time the rule was matched.
Thanks to Thomas Blenkers for this program.
RegExLog2MDB Source

Sourcecode of RegExLog2MDB.
It is written in Visual Studio 7.0 using MFC & DAO.


Installation / Installation


Unzip the contents of the archive in a directory "plugins\regexfilter" within the SpamPal installation directory. Assuming you have installed SpamPal in "C:\Program Files\SpamPal\" you should have following files on your harddisk now:
C:\Program Files\SpamPal\plugins\RegExFilter\regexfilter.dll
C:\Program Files\SpamPal\plugins\RegExFilter\default_filters.dat

The regular expressions are 99% compatible to the expressions used in Perl 5.


Einfach den Inhalt des Archivs in "plugins\regexfilter" des SpamPals Installationsverzeichnis entpacken. Angenommen SpamPal wurde in "C:\Programme\SpamPal\" installiert, so sollten anschließend folgende Dateien vorhanden sein:

Die regulären Ausdrücke sind 99% kompatibel zu denen in Perl 5.


RegExFilter in action / RegExFilter in Aktion

Note / Hinweis:
RegExFilter is freeware. / RegExFilter ist Freeware.
You use it on your own risk. / Die Benutzung geschieht auf eigene Gefahr.

Update files contain the changed files only!
Update-Dateien beinhalten nur die geänderten Dateien!


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Copyright Stephan Slabihoud